Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Journey in Song

I started a love of hymnal collecting several years ago when my grandmother gave me a few that belonged to her and her mother.  I've kept my eye open for them anytime I walk in an antique store and my daughter has found several for me that I've added to my collection.   

The Church has been singing God's word for centuries and I have the last two centuries works in my home.  God's people, singing His word, across denominations and cultures.  

I hope you enjoy the treasures that I have found.

 The North Star Song Book is a singalong book I had when I was a girl going to church camp.

 The Hymns of Praise has my Great Grandmother's name written in pencil.

 Several hymnals have held special things between their pages.

 These are three cutout articles from a newspaper column called, "A Hymn is Born."

 What's this little girl's story?  Who did she grow up to be?

 Beyond the Sunset.  A quote?  Another song?  Or perhaps a special message from the giver to the receiver of this hymnal.

These three pieces were found in a little book called The Lutheran Hymnary.  Perhaps belonging to a Great, Great Aunt of mine.  The notecard has the phases of a card game that looks like it was a variation of modern day Phase 10.

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