Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Legs don't fail me now!

I was tired and had had enough.  Enough of walking, enough of people, enough of darting between cars and people.

But we had come all this way to see the lights and now, when I was only a short distance away I was saying I'd had enough and I didn't think I could walk anymore to see the lights.

We decided to finally, after living in the state for 14 years, finally go to see Opryland at Christmas time.  There are advertisements on TV for it starting in October, I think.  Each year, for I don't know how many they've been doing it, but I'd see the commercial to see the Rockettes, yes, the Rockettes, as in Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, that Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at The Grand Ole' Opry.

I've always wanted to go, but never enough to make the plans to go, spend the money to go, and just get in the car and GO!.

But this year, this year it all just fell into place.  We got the tickets to the show, we made plans on when we'd leave - after I got off work on Saturday morning, I'd sleep alittle and Tim would hook up the camper - we have dogs now and our regular dogsitters, i.e. daughter and husband, are now new dogparents and we didn't think it would be a good thing for any of them to be together for an extended amount of time so soon.  Hence, the camper.

So we made it to Nashville late Saturday afternoon, our tickets were for Sunday afternoon, and decided to go to OpryMills  and shop.  Well, that's about the easiest part of that plan.  Typing it out.  In practice it was grueling.  People, cars, kids, shoppers.  Everywhere.

We couldn't park close to anything so walking was the only sane option we had.  After two 12 hour shifts of being on my feet almost non-stop, then walking the vastness of OpryMills and Opryland, my legs were about put out.  I couldn't take it anymore and I just didn't care anymore if I saw any darn lights.

But we'd come all this way to see them.

All right, all right.  Come on legs, just a few thousand steps more.

I'm so glad the legs carried me.  If they hadn't, I would have missed this.  The lights.

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