Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Last Days of 2012!

I've had a busy week with family, Christmas, cooking, and just enjoying the blessings of the season.  Yesterday Tim and I went to see Les Miserables.  I saw it a few years ago on stage and loved it then.  Also loved the book.  The film version is fantastic.  I remember seeing it on stage and not able to quite keep up with what was going on.  The movie version is unbelievably great and you know what each song is about!  Still singing the songs this morning.

Debating on whether to get an account on Facebook again.  I closed my account in November when the political fires were raging and all comments were quick and pointed and not so much of the trying to understand the other's opinion.  Has it gotten any better?

Husband is getting tired of having to show me pics from his account.  :)

Hope all is well where you are and you saw Jesus more clearly this week.

More later, after cleanup is done.


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  1. Great pictures. I kept my facebook account, but changed settings so that for a few friends I didn't get their updates. It worked well and saved me some too-political moments. I've kept my facebook page non-partisan, with only a couple of small exceptions. I doubt if my thoughts will change anyone else's mind, and certainly the more extreme posts don't change mine. It worked for me and I still get photos of family and my friend's children.