Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Last Days of 2012!

I've had a busy week with family, Christmas, cooking, and just enjoying the blessings of the season.  Yesterday Tim and I went to see Les Miserables.  I saw it a few years ago on stage and loved it then.  Also loved the book.  The film version is fantastic.  I remember seeing it on stage and not able to quite keep up with what was going on.  The movie version is unbelievably great and you know what each song is about!  Still singing the songs this morning.

Debating on whether to get an account on Facebook again.  I closed my account in November when the political fires were raging and all comments were quick and pointed and not so much of the trying to understand the other's opinion.  Has it gotten any better?

Husband is getting tired of having to show me pics from his account.  :)

Hope all is well where you are and you saw Jesus more clearly this week.

More later, after cleanup is done.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Than Conquerors

From Streams in the Desert,

"In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us."  (Romans 8:37)

"The Gospel and the gift of God are structured so wonderfully that the very enemies and forces that are marshaled to fight against us actually help pave our way to the very gates of heaven and into the presence of God.  Those forces can be used in the same way an eagle uses the fierce winds of a storm to soar to the sky.  At first he sits perfectly still, high on a cliff, watching the sky as it fills with darkness and as the lightning strikes all around him.  Yet he never moves until he feels the burst of the storm, and then with a screech he dives toward the winds, using them to carry him ever higher.

"This is also what God desires of each of His children.  He wants us to be "more than conquerors," turning storm clouds into chariots of victory.  It is obvious when an army becomes "more than conquerors," for it drives its enemies from the battlefield and confiscates their food and supplies.  This is exactly what this Scripture passage means.  There are spoils to be taken!

"Dear believer, after experiencing the terrible valley of suffering, did you depart with the spoils?  When you were struck with an injury and you thought you had lost everything, did you trust in God to the point that you came out richer than you were before?  "Being more than a conqueror" means taking the spoils from the enemy and appropriating them for yourself.  What your enemy had planned to use for your defeat, you can confiscate for your own use.

"When Dr. Moon, of Brighton, England, was suddenly struck with blindness, he said, "Lord, I accept this 'talent' of blindness from You.  Help me to use it for Your glory so that when You return, you may receive it back with interest' (Matt. 25:27)."  Then God enabled him to invent the Moon Alphabet for the blind, through which thousands of blind people were enabled to read the Word of God and thereby come to the glorious saving knowledge of Christ.

"God did not remove Paul's "thorn in the flesh" (2 Cor. 12:7).  The Lord did something much better - He conquered it and made it Paul's servant.  The ministry of thorns has often been a greater ministry to humankind than the ministry of thrones."


Moon Alphabet

Friday, December 14, 2012

Why Me?

Disclaimer:  I wrote this early Friday morning.  Before.  Before Sandy Hook.  I took it off shortly after.  It's a question I have never seen asked after a tragedy such as Friday's.

I've been thinking about that question lately.  I hear it asked a lot by patients and by their loved ones.  I ask it myself when things are difficult and trying.  Kris Kristopherson wrote a song with that exact same title.

"Why me, Lord?  
What have I ever done, 
to deserve even one
of the treasures I've known."

One of the answers I've been given when I've asked "why me?' is...Why not you?  

Why not me?  

Why not you?

It's a humbling question, isn't it?  Especially for us whiny followers of Jesus.  We think, like the rest of the world thinks.  We have hardships, like the rest of the world has hardships.  We get sick, like the rest of the world gets sick.  We have deaths in our family, like the rest of the world has deaths in their family.  We have bad things happen to us, just like the rest of the world.

Why do we think that it should be any different because we belong to Him?  Why do we think that we should be exempt from trouble?  Our BC mind can get us thinking that and going over the cliff with that exact thought.  If I only had a stronger faith, I wouldn't get sick.  If I only went to church more, read the Bible more, my life would be better. If only, if only, if only.................................

But the AC mind, that one where Christ lives now, that mind can say to the BC mind....Why not you?  If we're guaranteed to have trouble in this world, remember that wonderful promise - In this world you WILL have trouble - yeah, that one.  Remember, if we're going to have trouble, agitation, compression, squeezing, tribulation, affliction, isn't it better to have Jesus going through it with me rather than going through it without Him, like the rest of the world does?

Why you?  Why not you?

Did you ever take a second to think that God chose you for the tribulations you're going through so that through them the unsaved and the struggling believer may see Him in you?  

Why not you?  What makes you so special that you think your trial is any harder than the next person? We all have trials.  We all have burdens we are carrying, some very silently, but we all have them.  

You've been picked for this trial you're in.  God could have stopped it. God could have prevented circumstances from ever involving you, but He didn't.  Why didn't He?

Why you?  I don't know.  We may never know the answer to "why?"  And we can drive ourselves crazy trying to figure out the whys of something.  

Why not you?  

In this world you WILL have trouble.  If we keep forgetting that fact the unanswered why me's are only going to frustrate you.  

God is not surprised by the troubles you have.  If you want to keep on whining by asking "why me?" go right ahead.  But if you really want to grow in spite of the troubles you have then agree with God and ask, "Why not me?"  

You can trust that there is a greater reason for the trials and tribulations.  He promised us that we would have them and God uses EVERYTHING for good.  

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son...

We like the first part of that verse, don't we?  We throw it out there often and in a plethora of circumstances.  But it's the second part, that conformed to his likeness part that we don't use too much.  That part we just let hang.  It's not as comforting as the first part.  We don't like to think that we have to be changed from the ALL things part.  We just want to see the good that's coming because we love God.  I don't want to admit that change in me is coming because of the good I'm waiting on.  

Why me?  To be conformed.  To give the same shape, outline, or contour to; bring into harmony or accord, to be similar or identical. To be given the same likeness, the "Eikon - to be like, resemble.  Eikon always assumes a prototype, that which it not merely resembles, but from which it is drawn and to which it answers. The reflection of the sun on the water is its eikon, and a child is the eikon of his parents. "

Why me?  To be a reflection.  The only way I can be a reflection of Him is to live in this trouble He promised me.

Why you?  Why me?  This is why.  This is why you and nobody else. 

To come through the other side looking like Him.  Jesus.  The one who accepted the why, even after begging for another way, He submitted to the plan.  Maybe His human mind couldn't grasp the extent of what the Divine's sacrifice would bring.  Maybe His human mind battled with the Divine Mind and said, "uh uh.  No way, not me."  Maybe.

Jesus was tempted in EVERY way that we are.  Tempted to whine, why me?  Tempted to find a way out of the trial He was in.  But He didn't give in.  He made it through to the other side so that He can help us through the trials that overwhelm and even those that are small on someone else's scale.

He's got a purpose for the trouble He promised you're in.  The question isn't Why me?  The question is, what are you using me for through this?

Don't look for the obvious.  I dare you to go deeper.  If he didn't stop the trouble from hitting, where are all the places the ripples are touching? Who is being touched who would have never been touched if you hadn't gone through the trial you're in right now?

Why you?

Why not you?

Just Write

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Legs don't fail me now!

I was tired and had had enough.  Enough of walking, enough of people, enough of darting between cars and people.

But we had come all this way to see the lights and now, when I was only a short distance away I was saying I'd had enough and I didn't think I could walk anymore to see the lights.

We decided to finally, after living in the state for 14 years, finally go to see Opryland at Christmas time.  There are advertisements on TV for it starting in October, I think.  Each year, for I don't know how many they've been doing it, but I'd see the commercial to see the Rockettes, yes, the Rockettes, as in Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, that Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at The Grand Ole' Opry.

I've always wanted to go, but never enough to make the plans to go, spend the money to go, and just get in the car and GO!.

But this year, this year it all just fell into place.  We got the tickets to the show, we made plans on when we'd leave - after I got off work on Saturday morning, I'd sleep alittle and Tim would hook up the camper - we have dogs now and our regular dogsitters, i.e. daughter and husband, are now new dogparents and we didn't think it would be a good thing for any of them to be together for an extended amount of time so soon.  Hence, the camper.

So we made it to Nashville late Saturday afternoon, our tickets were for Sunday afternoon, and decided to go to OpryMills  and shop.  Well, that's about the easiest part of that plan.  Typing it out.  In practice it was grueling.  People, cars, kids, shoppers.  Everywhere.

We couldn't park close to anything so walking was the only sane option we had.  After two 12 hour shifts of being on my feet almost non-stop, then walking the vastness of OpryMills and Opryland, my legs were about put out.  I couldn't take it anymore and I just didn't care anymore if I saw any darn lights.

But we'd come all this way to see them.

All right, all right.  Come on legs, just a few thousand steps more.

I'm so glad the legs carried me.  If they hadn't, I would have missed this.  The lights.

Just Write

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pondering ponder

I watched, with one eye mostly, football Sunday.  There is an NFL player, I don't know what team he plays on and I don't really care, but his last name is Ponder.  I saw his name on the back of his shirt and ever since I keep thinking about the word Ponder.

I remembered back in 1996 or '97 during the Children's Christmas Eve program at our church where a little boy, about 4 or 5 years old recited Luke 2:19, "And Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart." I'm not good at writing speech phonetically, but if you can imagine how a small child would say this, especially the words pondered and heart, I know you would agree with me that his dialect was absolutely precious.

So... ponder....

Ponder, ponder, ponder.

I started digging on the word ponder and I have to tell you, the riches I have found in looking up that one word have led me on a great treasure hunt.  I really need to learn some Greek though, because I hit a little bit of a bump and I'm not sure how to go around, over, or dive through it.

Believe me when I tell you, it's an awesome word!  Or more importantly, it led me to some exciting discoveries.

I'll get back to this, soon, I hope.

I hope if you read this blog that you are digging too.  I pray that if nothing else you are yearning to learn beyond where you are at right now.  I pray for whoever clicks on this blog, that you draw closer to Him and His Words for you.

I ponder how God works.  I wonder, stand amazed, at all the vehicles he is using on the internet to draw others to Him.  There are thousands of thousands in the blog world, some whose words are filled with healing, with wholeness, with God's spirit.  It is as if God's fingerprints are on the keys of the keyboard, reaching across cyberspace drawing us closer and closer to Him.

If you read my blog or anyone's blog and you feel touched by the words, don't stop there.  Please.  Don't stop there.  Pick up a bible, open a new tab on your computer and open up a bible there, open an app on your phone, whatever tool you have that says BIBLE on it, just open it!  Don't let mine or anyone else's faith be the coattails on which you believe.

Will you please, for your own sake, enter into God's word for YOU!

It's ok if you're nervous or afraid.  But don't let that stop you, just take a peek.  It will be ok, I promise you.

Ok, ready now?


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