Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Journey of Leaving Comfortable

We are getting ready to make some big changes.  I can hardly believe sometimes that we are doing what we're about to do.  God is simply  - amazing.  There's no other way to put it.

After digging my heels in for years and saying, "never", God has lifted those same heels out, put a song of joy and eagerness and willingness and joy and readiness in my heart and mind.  The "never" has become "soon".

Soon we will be packing up a home that our family has lived in for 14 years and moving to a new home, 700 miles away.

Moving is not unfamiliar to us, but we are VERY out of practice.  Back in the day when we were moving every 1-2 years, with a jaunt of seven months in one place and another of four months in another, we traveled light.  I did regular purges - purges of toys, clothes, and any other miscellaneous items that went unused for that tour.

When we moved into the house we now live in and  found ourselves staying longer than we expected I began accumulating stuff.  Stuff for Christmas, stuff for winter, stuff for when company comes.  Stuff, stuff, stuff.  Then, about five years ago when my grandparents home and belongings were auctioned off I made room for some more stuff, I mean Treasures.

It helped that by then the kids were beginning to leave for college and then living on their own.  Then their rooms, especially my son's, whose room was the bigger one, became a holding area for my Stuff.

I put a bedroom set of my grandmothers in his room and soon that room began to resemble the room that bedroom set sat in at Grandma's.  Her stuff room.

Now I'm purging.  We are downsizing our house, so much must go.  I've walked through the rooms with both of my girls asking them what pieces or decorative items they would like, so then my stuff will become less and their stuff will become more.

The pieces that once were for "just the right spot here" are now being looked at this way:

1.  Where will I put it in the new house?
2.  Do I still like it?

So, here I go.  Walking through memories.  Putting some in boxes to store for who knows how long, some in boxes to give away, and some memories will just float in and out of my heart.

A seventh, fifth, and fourth grader walked in these doors and left a sports reporter, a nurse, and a teacher.

Hubby and I walked in as a fairly young married couple and now have already surpassed the 25 year mark and are looking at 28 years.

Lots of growth times five.  Lots of tears, times five.  Lots of laughter, times five.  Lots of fights, times five.

Lots of friends coming and going through our doors.  Lots of games played around the dining room table.

Lots of memories.

My heels were entrenched in the sands of comfortable.  Now they are pulled out, ready to follow where He leads us next.

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