Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vacuum cleaners and Band Aids

One of the most fascinating things to hit the medical scene, in my opinion, is the technology of a wound vac. The technical term is Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and the basic science of it is to create a seal on a wound, caused by bedsores, burns, grafts or dehisced wounds (where the skin breaks along the surgical incision). When a wound vac is used the negative pressure draws the edges of the wound together and promotes the granulation tissue - the new skin tissue - to form and bring blood flow and life to the wounded area.

While the settings produce the amount of negative pressure used to close the wound it also has the ability to take out any dead or infected remains, just like a household vacuum freshens up the carpet, it also takes away the dirt, crumbs and dust bunnies floating around.

The wound vacs are amazing little machines and the healing area is kept protected by additional debris and moisture by inserting a foam dressing inside the wound and sealing it with an adhesive dressing.

Enough science.

When I think about wound healing though, the kind that you can't see, the kind that is in our souls, I wonder about the wound vac God uses to close up our wounds. Isaiah said that Jesus would be the one to bind up our wounds. In the first century physical wounds were bound by cloth and sometimes oil and wine would be poured on the wounds first as a form of medication leading up to today, 2012, where all kinds of bandages, dressings and medications are used to protect and promote healing of wounds.

But the Bible tells me that Jesus came to bind up our wounds. (Isaiah 61). He was the first wound vac!

An interesting concept I found as I dug into this word Bind: The Hebrew word for bind is Habas, to bind, wrap around, cover, envelop, enclose. (Are you seeing the wound vac picture I described earlier? I am!!) Psalm 147:3 says, "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." The thought is that broken heart is a heart smashed into pieces. Anyone ever feel like their heart was smashed into a million pieces? The pain of the wound so deep that it felt it would never heal? Those wounds, "Assebet" in Hebrew, are grievous wounds, wounds that cause deep sorrow.

So, if Jesus came to bind up our wounds, to be our Wound Vac, our Negative Pressure Wound Therapist, what miraculous healing is he doing in our spiritual cells! When he binds up our wounds He is pulling out the exudate, the yucky stuff, and pulling together the new, the healthy, the blood producing, life giving cells. He is taking out the pain of the wound, the debris that is left behind, and binding it with Himself and sealing it with His Holy Spirit.

One last thought. I looked up the word bind in a thesauraus. I found these synonyms give it an interesting picture. As you read them, imagine Jesus being that word, being the one that is binding up the broken pieces of your heart, binding them, taking out the debris that's left behind and sealing it with himself.

To constrain with bonds

Tie up












Clamp down


To secure

To bandage



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