Friday, March 9, 2012

One foot in the door to chaos of the heart

We are in a political season, and as such, I find myself becoming churned up on the inside because of news, email forwards, posts on Facebook, radio and tv ads, etc., etc, ad nauseum. I HATE this feeling these things bring to my heart and spirit. It is not the way I want to live my days on earth. I crave the peace that passes all understanding and the inward calm that such peace brings.

It's hard to maintain that peace in this "In Between" time.

I live in a country where I can voice my opinion and so can 250 million others.
I live with no fear today that police will come in and take away any of my property for voicing such opinions.

It's nice living in America. However... but... in the meantime....

It's hard maintaining peace that passes all understanding when lots of other opinions are being tossed about.

So what is a woman to do? I'm not going to bury my head in the sand and block out the negative, the reports, the mudslinging, the lies, the deceptions. I'm going to choose to live, to trust, to depend on the One who has it all in His hands. I'm going to dwell on the things I do know and trust and depend on and write them down here.

So, with that declaration, these things I know for sure:

God is bigger than government.

God is bigger than our government leaders.

God is able.

God is in control.

God is Mighty.

God has a plan for this In-between world in which we live.

God knows the truth because God is truth.

God knows the way, because God is the Way.

God is Life.

God loves life.

God loves me.

God loves His people.

God loves me even when I'm blind to what He's clearly made easy to understand.

God is all I need.

I'm on my way to spending eternity with Him, but in the meantime He has me in this place, for this time.

This is how I'm living in this In-Between place. Clinging to what I DO know, clinging to Who God is and what He's capable of doing in my heart and in the hearts of all. In the end, my opinions are just that. Opinions. No matter how clearly I can see a situation (or think I can) God sees the entire picture. He sees the hearts of all. He knows the motives of our hearts. He knows better than I why I believe in the things I believe. He knows why I feel so strongly about some things and can let other things slide by with hardly a glance. He knows.

He's pretty awesome.

So I'm not going to be Pollyanna or an ostrich. And I'm not being one who is going to fear what tomorrow brings, what this election season will bring, what the politicians will or will not do to this country. Because, in the end, it was God's country first. He is the head of all governments (whether acknowledged by men or not). He does not have his head in the sand and I can rest knowing that. I can have peace that passes all understanding.

So I ask you... Who are you trusting with this in between time? Government or God? If not God, why not God? If not God, how is the alternative working for you? When I'm not trusting Him, I'm losing my peace. What about you? When I'm getting shaken by what I'm hearing and seeing and reading by simple men, I get a little, okay, a lot, distressed. But just writing these words, "I will trust God" gives me hope, gives me peace, gives me strength to face what's out there.

God knows. And if God knows, then I can crawl up on His lap while He sits on His throne and reigns and I can rest. My God is in control. My God is bigger. I know that no matter which way our country goes - left, right, or finds itself spinning out of control - God is using it to bring about His perfect and just way. He wants us to love Him with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength, and to love our neighbor as myself (those who have a different opinion then me!)and if this is the way it will happen than I say, "Let's love Him more than the turmoil around us!"

We have more to gain by Loving Him most and best than any policy or politician or government can ever give.



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